Friday, August 17, 2012

Top Of The 12th!

We are in the final two day push towards the finish of WGC here in Uvalde!  But among the U.S. team, optimism reigned all morning for contest day 12.  As Bill Elliot (WE) put it, "Glider pilots are always optimistic.  Even at 500 feet, there is always lift ahead." 

While we only hope to see the U.S. pilots at 500 feet twice today - once on take off and once on landing - the rest of that sounds like the spirit as we near the end!  Sitting on the grid for launch (from my view in the air conditioned motor home - more lessons learned) I can see that Open class and 18M have launched.  The 15M launch is still in progress.  Again from the ground I am hearing, "a classic Uvalde day."  Expect updates soon on this prediction once the start gates open...  And go Team USA!

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