Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1 August 2012

As Uvalde approaches record high temperatures for the day (1 August predicted 106 F), security at this World Competition is heating up, as well. Every official pilot and crew car must have a parking sticker to enter the tie-down area. Every glider pilot and crew member has a badge with a photo, and on the back of the badges is this explanation, in case of a landout: “I am participating in the World Gliding Championships in Uvalde . . . Unfortunately, I have landed my glider here and may need your help. My crew will need to bring a trailer to retrieve me and the glider.” A British pilot remembers landing once in the rural south of the USA and discovering that he and the locals couldn’t understand each other’s English. He handed over a similar written explanation, but it was useless: his new acquaintances couldn’t read.

Shopping downtown today we discovered Texas Cedar Oil, which at first glance, appears to be a lovely way to refresh your cedar closet and keep moths away from your fine woolens. Closer inspection reveals the fine print on the business card: “Looking for a fresh alternative to traditional scent camo? Successful hunts without smelling like urine.” Maybe the pilots can use this to freshen their cockpits.

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