Friday, August 10, 2012

Competition Day 6, Watching Closely From The Team Room

I have returned to the U.S. team after a break at the pool (airport bum, but it comes with the territory).  But in the team room, it doesn't seem like they have gotten any rest.  Everyone here is busy, as they keep a close eye on the weather.  Gary is giving a play by play of the the pilot's movements via spot trackers, and Dennis is sticking close to the radio and watching the radar.

Mark Keene has driven east of Uvalde to Hondo, where he is watching the weather from the ground.  There are two lines of thunderstorms that Open class and 15M are working through for today's task.  Tabery (SS) and Butler (DB) are right in the middle of the dark weather now.  John Seaborn (A8) and Bill Elliot (WE) smoked through these areas of rain showers and are still on track.  From the radar, it looks like rain is headed the Uvalde way...  But for now, all U.S. pilots are still in the skies.    

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