Thursday, August 9, 2012

"The Real Deal," Day 5

Keeping you out of the loop is not my job!  But yesterday I got the chance for a flight with the Sniffer (widely
referred to as "Sniff-tastic" here in the U.S. Team room), so I didn't get the chance to post.  However, I did get to see most of the U.S. team in the sky!  I caught all of them I think, except for Butler and Tabery of Open class who seem to hide out very well from the large gaggles here.

A shorter task has been set for day 5 today, as some dark looking weather is expected later.  In the U.S. team room after a quick meeting, the pilots and their crews are preparing.  "Every day's a new day," says WE crew Gary Carter.  So now let inning 5 begin!

More soon from me after launch...  

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