Thursday, August 9, 2012

Short And Sweet, And They're Off!

All of Team U.S.A has now set out on task.  It looks like today will be a speedy one for all.  Open Class and 15M tasks are set for a minimum of 3:00 hours.  18M is set for 2:45 hours.

Here are the U.S. start times for day 5:
15M, Dave Leonard -13:36
15M, John Seaborn -13:29
18M, Bill Elliot - 13:59
18M, Gary Ittner -14:11
Open Class, Dick Butler -14:22
Open Class, Ron Tabery -  14:22

Today 18M's Bill Elliot (WE) has a live tracker in his ship.  Click the link below for the site to follow him on task today!

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