Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More From Competition Day 3

Hannah Weissenbuehler here, helping the U.S. team to keep you all updated!

It's "the real deal day 3" here in Uvalde.  With longer tasks today than yesterday.  Another speed task today, and  all of 'our boys' have set out on task!  Here in the U.S. team hut they are following the pilot's movements closely on the radio.

Team Captain Dennis seems positive again today - as he says, today is "inning number 3 of a 13 inning game."  And after a better day yesterday, all the pilots set out on a good note.

Here are the U.S. start times for day 3:
15M, Dave Leonard - 13:54
15M, John Seaborn - 13:50
18M, Bill Elliot - 14:16
18M, Gary Ittner - 14:13
Open Class, Dick Butler -13:57
Open Class, Ron Tabery - 13:57

On the ground, it is Brenda Seaborn's birthday today!  There's some really good looking carrot cake in here - happy birthday to you, Brenda!  The U.S. team will be celebrating tonight in the Big Tent on the airfield.  There will be a Texas Longhorn Steer (a real steer!) whose name is Oreo and an auction for two rides in Mark Huffstutler's P-51 Mustang!  I wonder who the lucky winner will be...  Also, I heard mention of a dunking tank.  The question is who's going in first?

More updates soon on the movements of the U.S. team pilots...    

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