Saturday, August 11, 2012

Competition Day 7

This morning followed the usual schedule, despite yesterday's dark weather and landings that lasted later into the evening.  As of now in the team room they report that there appears to be no major weather concerns.  A later day start for the day here, but all minimum task times are set for 3:15 hours.  "Wow!" is all the crew here can say, in regards to the altitudes already being reported on the radio.

The grid today was blistering again, but a great time in the company of Everett Benson, Dennis's 4 year old grandson.  The official U.S. "Team Pilot 2034" (it's on his team shirt, so it is official) helped to point out all the planes landing and taking off during launch.  I hear his favorite plane is already the P-51 Mustang.  It looks like they really do start these U.S. pilots early...

All U.S. team pilots have started on task.  Here are their start times for day 7:

15M, Dave Leonard -15:00
15M, John Seaborn - 14:58
18M, Bill Elliot -15:09
18M, Gary Ittner - 15:09
Open Class, Dick Butler - 15:18
Open Class, Ron Tabery - 15:17

More to come soon... 

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