Thursday, August 2, 2012

Official Practice Day 6

Nice, cool 78 f. morning here today.  The expected high is 103.

Dave Leonard, Gary Ittner and Ron Tabery will be the US Team Pilots flying today.  John Seaborn and Bill Elliott are on rest days and Dick Butler is doing some minor work on Concordia in a hot hangar with crewman, Rick Sheppe.

Chief Meteorologist, Dan Gudgel, briefed that the contest area underlies a dome of high pressure that will limit climbs to 8-9000' above the ground.  He also stated that the satellite water vapor loop shows a "dry slot" over Uvalde so the day should be cloudless.  I just stepped outside...not a cloud in the sky.

Today's launch began at 1350.  Tabery (SS) started at 1447, Ittner (P7) at 1450.  The 15M start line is open and Leonard (ZL) is getting into position to start.  

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